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Roasted Corn

FANLit Community of Practice

The following experts have reviewed FANLit resource materials for the inclusion on the FANLit knowledge portal:

The Canadian Home Economics Foundation


Monica Cyr, MSc, RD

Susan Lee, MEd, BHEc, BA CPSM

Rayleen Dutka, BHEc, BEdm, PBEd, PHEc

Jenell Wiebe, BHEc, BEd

Tressa Alexiuk, BSc (Nutrition), PHEc

Caroline Le Clair, BSc (Nutrition), RD

Sheila Stark-Perrault, BHEc, BEd, PHEc

Jacintha Antonio, BSc (Nutrition), BEd Candidate

Victoria Wojakowski, BSc (Nutrition), BEd, PHEc

Christina Fillion, BSc (Nutrition), BEd

Darren Fife, BSc (Nutrition), BEd, PHEc

Charlette Cunanan, BHSt, BEd

Bhanu Pilli, BSc (Nutrition), MSc - Web Master

Last updated: February 26, 2023

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