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Healthy eating is fostered through healthy relationships with food. Empowering children through positive nutrition messages and critical information and media literacy skills are key components of food literacy.


Food and Nutrition in the Media: Critical Thinking

These lessons focus on how food and nutrition information is portrayed in the media, critically analyzing the credibility of information, and exposure to a variety of social media posts.


Links to external resources developed by other Canadian and International Organizations

Curriculum includes K-12 units with lessons that are designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the problems of diabetes in Indigenous communities in the US.


Diabetes Education Tribal Schools (DETS)

Lesson plans and tools for grades K-12 include background information for teachers and student activities on nutrition and Canada's Food Guide (2007).


Healthy Eating Starts Here (Alberta Health)

Curriculum based lessons for K-7, activities and resources focused on increasing vegetable and fruit consumption and reducing intake of sugary drinks and sodium

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Healthy Schools

BC Resources


Developed by Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy.  Resources that teach boys and girls about our cultural “thin ideal” and body image.

Media Smarts 

Curriculum resources and lesson plans for grades K-12. Scroll down to the sections Food and Nutrition I, Food and Nutrition II, and Food Science.


Utah Education


"Teach about Food and Nutrition in Schools: Lesson plans and ideas to facilitate experiential learning around food including food skills, nutrition, body image, growing food, and food systems.

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Vancouver Coastal



The Heart & Stroke HeartSmart Kids programs helps educators teach children what they can do to practice healthy habits for the heart and brain. Resources include printable activities for Grade K-6 and families

HeartSmart Kids

Food Choices for a Healthy Planet


The interactive game was designed to raise awareness about the impacts our food choices have on our own health, the environment, climate change and the cultures in which we live.

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Last updated: 17-11-2020

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