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Sep 10. 2019 | Welcome to FANLit!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We are so excited to launch the new FANLit (Food and Nutrition Literacy) Knowledge Portal to support Food and Nutrition Literacy Education in Manitoba!

There are four parts to FANLit:

(1) This Blog where we will regularly post information and updates;

(2) Background which features information on food literacy and the nutrition and health status of Manitobans, including children and youth;

(3) Seeds of Learning with information on food and nutrition learning and pedagogy; and

(4) Teaching Resources with lesson plans and other tools to support food literacy education in school AND community settings.

The Teaching Resources feature both 'made in Manitoba' lessons and tools, and links to other excellent resources. The 'Made in Manitoba' resources support the new Canada’s Food Guide and have been developed by Human Ecology/Home Economics teachers and Human Nutritional Sciences students and researchers. They have been reviewed by our 'Community of Practice' (teachers, dietitians, community-based educators). Some of our experts are Indigenous educators, who have contributed Indigenous-relevant resources - these are indicated with a blue circle.

Creating these resources takes time and expertise, so we are starting with a small set focused on younger children. We will add more over time! Feel free to leave us feedback on the Contact Us page.

Dr. Joyce Slater, RD, PHEc, PhD

Associate Professor, Community Nutrition,

Dept. of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

University of Manitoba


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