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Jun 3. 2022 | Food Literacy Progression for Children and Youth from 2-18 Years!

I am so excited to launch the new Food Literacy Progression: A Framework of Food Literacy Development for Children and Youth from 2-18 Years! The Food Literacy Progression provides an organizational framework for food literacy development from ages 2-18 years. The Progression is a tool that can be used to support food education by demonstrating the importance and range of food-related capabilities in human development; and the progression of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become food literate. The Progression can be used in school and community settings by educators to develop and evaluate food education programs and initiatives. Program developers can use the Progression to plan and advocate for food literacy education and resources.

There is wonderful work going on in Food Literacy in Canada and elsewhere, and the Food Literacy Progression is but one contribution. Like any social process, it is incomplete – a reflection of our ever-changing world and foodscape. It is my hope that others will build on this over time. The journey to release this Progression has had its challenges (COVID!); however it came to fruition with perservence (and lots of zoom calls) and our collective passion for this timely and important project. Many thanks to Roy Ballam from the British Nutrition Foundation, London, UK; and Dr. Tony Worsley from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia for their wisdom and input. Several other wonderful people deserve recognition for contributing to the Progression and are acknowledged in the documentation. We are grateful to the the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba, and the Canadian Home Economics Foundation for financially supporting the development of the Food Literacy Progression.

The Food Literacy Progression is available as a 12-page booklet that can be accessed online or downloaded to print. Both documentation can be accessed on the SEEDS OF LEARNING page. A poster for the Food Literacy Progression will be released in Fall 2022.

Joyce Slater, RD, PhD

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1 Comment

Congratulations Joyce! This is an excellent resource to support food literacy education in children and youth. This comprehensive resource as well as food literacy assessment tools are much needed to support educators working in schools and the community.

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