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Oct 06. 2020 | Critical Media Literacy series for Food and Nutrition

We all know that social media is a major source of misinformation, including about food and nutrition. In fact, information on nutrition, food trends, diets, weight loss and vitamins are among the most popular topics! As vast consumers of social media, youth are especially vulnerable to ‘fake news’ or potentially harmful advice. To help reverse this alarming trend, FANLit has started a series of resources to help build critical media literacy skills.

Today we release the first THREE lesson plans, aimed at middle year students! Thanks to Victoria Wojakowski, Human Ecology Teacher in Pembina Trails School Division, for developing the first three lessons which have been peer-reviewed. Look for them under ‘Teaching Resources’ ages 10-14. Thanks to the Canadian Home Economics Foundation for their generous financial support of this initiative.

Dr. Joyce Slater, RD, PHEc, PhD

Professor, Community Nutrition

Dept. of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

University of Manitoba

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1 Comment

Wow, tell Victoria congrats as she was my practicum student!

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