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Nov 18. 2020 | New Lesson Plans focused on Food Systems

We have four new lesson plans for ages 10-14! They focus on food systems, and are also perfect for reinforcing Canada’s Food Guide messages to make half your plate fruit and vegetables. All were developed by Human Ecology teacher Darren Fife and peer reviewed by Manitoba teachers and teacher candidates. Apples of the World exposes students to biodiversity through the myriad of apple varieties available, while also allowing students to reflect on how far apples are transported to our grocery stores. Apples will never seem boring again! There’s also an ‘apple chips’ recipe that can be made at home or school. Seasonal Recipe Planner introduces regional, seasonal produce and takes students through meal planning while also discussing the importance of seasonal foods for consumers, producers and the climate. Students are introduced to food systems, and their influence on well-being, the economy and the environment with Food Systems Resource Evaluation. And lastly, Local Foods: A Fad or a Trend? will get student thinking critically by comparing views on local foods to formulate their own opinion. Find the lessons in ‘Teaching Resources’ in ages 10-14 under ‘Food Systems’. Delicious learning from FANLit!

Dr. Joyce Slater, RD, PHEc, PhD

Professor, Community Nutrition

Dept. of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

University of Manitoba


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