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Nov 20. 2023 | Get your free copy of the Food Literacy Progression poster!

The Food Literacy Progression: A Framework of Food Literacy Development for Children and Youth from 2-18 Years is available as a 24” x 36” wall poster! Order a free copy (Canadian addresses only) by emailing and include the following information:

  • 'Food Literacy Progression Poster' in the subject line

  • Your full name and mailing address

  • Where you intend to use the poster (e.g., classroom, community organization, other - please specify)

The Food Literacy Progression provides an organizational framework for food literacy development from ages 2-18 years. The Progression is a tool that can be used to support food education by demonstrating the importance and range of food-related capabilities in human development; and the progression of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become food literate. The Progression can be used in school and community settings by educators to develop and evaluate food education programs and initiatives. Program developers can use the Progression to plan and advocate for food literacy education and resources.


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