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Sep 10. 2021 | New Bannock Lesson Plan!

It is September and the beginning of an exciting new school year! Welcome back teachers and all the best for a smooth fall term. We are excited to launch a new lesson plan: Bannock – More than bread! This lesson was developed by Chantal Perchotte, a fourth-year Human Nutritional Sciences student at the University of Manitoba. Chantal is of Métis heritage, and was mentored in this project by Christina Fillion, an outstanding Indigenous Human Ecology teacher at Oak Park school. The lesson goes beyond simply presenting bannock as a ‘traditional Indigenous food’, incorporating historical aspects, colonization impacts on food, and opportunities for student reflection. And they get to make bannock! You will find it in the 10-14 age group under ‘Food Systems’ (topic: Food and Culture).

We hope you have an opportunity to explore the lesson and consider using it in your classroom or community program. You may explore additional FANLit lessons with Indigenous teachings (highlighted with a blue circle) under ‘Teaching Resources’. Please let us what you think!

And a big thanks to our FANLit website guru, Bhanu Pilli, for formatting the lesson plans and keeping the website running!

Joyce Slater, RD, PhD


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