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Food literacy is a spectrum of food-related knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that enhance health and well-being. It is a form of literacy: the outcome of educational goals intended to inform, develop personal skills and contribute to personal and community empowerment, and social change (Nutbeam, 2000 in Slater, 2018, International Journal of Consumer Studies). While food literacy is not a solution to all food-related issues in our society, it is a powerful tool in a continuum of program and policy responses. This section includes resources and additional links to Food Literacy information.

Critical Food Literacy Competencies for Young Adults

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FREE Food Literacy Poster (above) identifies the critical food literacy competencies for young adults. An 18" x 24" copy of the poster can also be ordered by sending an email with your mailing address (only available in Canada) to:



Food literacy:

A critical tool in a complex foodscape

Critical food literacy competencies for young adults

Conceptual framework for youth transitioning to adulthood

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