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Children and youth represent our future, yet they experience many challenges with respect to their diets and food-related habits. This in part due to wide-spread availability of highly processed convenience foods, and declining food skills. Many also come from food insecure families who face barriers to consuming healthy diets, such as lack of affordability and access. This section features background on: Food Literacy and Nutrition and Food Security in Manitoba.

Food Literacy

Food literacy is a spectrum of food-related knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that enhance health and well-being. It is a form of literacy: the outcome of educational goals intended to inform, develop personal skills and contribute to personal and community empowerment, and social change.

(Nutbeam, 2000 in Slater 2018 Int J Cons St)

Food security is having sufficient resources to obtain adequate food.

Nutrition security refers to adequate nutrition status in terms of nutrients.

Use the information here to plan programs,  apply for funding to support your programs, and advocate for policy changes to support healthy eating for all.

Nutrition and Food Security in Manitoba

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