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Teaching and learning about social and environmental food systems contributes to personal and community well-being.

Food and Culture

Lessons here are focused on the importance of cultural and social aspects of food and eating.

Food and the Environment

Lessons here are focused on sustainability and social justice.

Links to external resources developed by other Canadian and International Organizations


Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)

AITC has bilingual resources, lesson plans, and learning kits categorized by grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12.


Soil Science Society of America

K-12 Soil Science teacher resources contain a bank of lessons and hands-on activities about topics related to soil.


National Geographic Society

Resources contain a variety of topics related to different subjects including earth science, anthropology, conservation & are stratified by grades

Food Share.PNG

Lesson plans and resources for K-12 on where food comes from, how it grows and how to prepare it. Lessons include: 'Stone Soup', 'Nourishing with Nursery Rhymes', The Big Crunch'.

Food Share


The 5-module curriculum is for programs interested in creating dialogue and discussion around human relationship with water. Resources are for students in grades 4 through 6. 

Nibi Giinwiindawan:

We are Water

"Teach about Food and Nutrition in Schools: Lesson plans and ideas to facilitate experiential learning around food including food skills, nutrition, body image, growing food, and food systems.

Vancouver Coastal Health Logo.PNG

Vancouver Coastal Health

The interactive game was designed to raise awareness about the impacts our food choices have on our own health, the environment, climate change and the cultures in which we live.


Food Choices for a Healthy Planet

Coming Soon

Last updated: 16-10-2020

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