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Food and Nutrition Security for Manitoba Youth: The FANS Study – Results Available

We are pleased to launch results from the Food and Nutrition Security for Manitoba Youth (FANS) research study. The FANS study represents some of the most comprehensive research on adolescent nutritional health and food security conducted in Manitoba to date. Data from almost 1600 grade 9 students throughout the province show that there are serious concerns about diet quality for most of them, and 20% have food insecurity. These students are at risk for future chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health issues. Read more about the FANS study here where you will find a research report, academic papers, infographics and a searchable data dashboard. The FANS study is led by Dr. Joyce Slater and Dr. Alan Katz at the University of Manitoba. FANS study results can be used as a knowledge base of youth food security and dietary habits to support the development of nutrition policy and programming in Manitoba.


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