Supporting Food and  Nutrition Education 

for Children and Youth in Manitoba

Food Literacy & Nutritional Status of Manitobans

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BLOG  Nov 8th, 2021

New Food Skills Lessons for Middle Years!

Darren Fife, Human Ecology Teacher at Leila North School, has developed three fantastic lessons focused on food skills and culinary literacy! ‘Kitchen Equipment Code-Cracker’ is a fun interactive activity that allows students to interact with and identify common kitchen equipment. Students will sharpen up their math skills through converting metric and imperial measurements with the ‘Kitchen Math Booklet’...

'Resources to Download'

The collection of resources for media literacy, food literacy competencies, and food and nutrition security is available for downloading to use in your classroom or program. These can be accessed using the 'Downloads' button on the navigation menu.

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"Every child has the right to quality food and nutrition education."