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Fallen Apples


AGES 10-14

Fruits & Vegetables Identification cards

Students will be able to recognize fruits and vegetables as plant foods, categorize and subcategorize based on physical characteristics of plants, and consider familiar and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables.

Date Added: 19-01-2024


Apples of the World

Students will be able to recognize that apples can be grown and distributed both globally and locally, and differentiate sensory profiles of various apples. 

Date Added: 19-11-2020

Seasonal Recipe Planner

Students will acknowledge that produce grows seasonally and is available in canned and frozen foods, be able to design a meal plan that embraces seasonal foods and defend the importance of seasonal foods. 

Date Added: 19-11-2020

Local Food Investigation Plan

Students will compare two varying opinions and select one that best aligns with their values, and be able to argue and justify an opinion of local foods based on evidence.

Date Added: 19-11-2020

Food Systems Resource Evaluation

Students will be able to identify components in a food system, differentiate  between major inputs and outputs, and evaluate the influence on social well-being, local economy, and environmental sustainability.

Date Added: 19-11-2020

Last updated: January 19, 2024

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