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May 5. 2023 | New Food Environment and Food Science Lessons for Middle Years!

Happy spring! We have two new lessons for ages 10-14.

‘Grocery Shopping’ is a fantastic new interactive lesson developed by Home Economics Teacher Charlette Cunanan (in Teaching Resources: Ages 10-14 - Food Systems/Food Environments and Food Security). In the classroom, students explore different areas within a ‘grocery store’ to learn about factors that influence food choice, and are introduced to the concept of food security. Students will also learn about saving money on groceries, how to create shopping lists, and grocery shopping math.

‘Microbes: Friend or Foe?’ was developed by Darren Fife, and is our first lesson in the new Food Science section! (in Teaching Resources: Ages 10-14 - Food and Nutrition/Food Science). Students will explore the role of microbes in food, including the importance of food safety by growing their own bacteria! Please explore these new lessons in the Teaching Resources area.


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